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All about Liliputi® Soft Leather Shoes

August 26, 2016

Do you like the cute pictures of our Soft Leather Shoes? You want more to know about these beauties? Read this awesome review and then you won’t have any question left…Only one: “Which one should I choose?” :)

Liliputi makes a ton of cute babywearing gear, including soft leather baby shoes! We received their cute kitty shoes with soft leather and suede soles, decorated with little white leather kitties. These shoes are especially perfect for my toddler who is just learning to walk. They give her foot support without being too stiff as she learns to take steps confidently. They also hug her feet with plenty of room to wiggle.

Soft leather baby shoes

Liliput soft leather baby shoes are made with high-quality nappa leather that’s breathable so a child’s feet don’t sweat. The bottom of the shoe is made from three layers; an inner leather lining, a 3mm layer of insulating elastic foam, and non-slip suede soles. The shoe design reduces the pressure on a toddler’s joints when walking on hard ground.

Cute Soft Baby Shoes
We haven’t used these shoes much outdoors, but I love their soft universal style. They are a great first walking shoe and indoor soft shoe. The materials seem like they would hold up well outside too. My experience with suede is that it is long lasting, even if it gets a little stained by walking on grass or dirt. The suede soles are also slip-resistant and the interior of Liliputi baby shoes is roomy enough to promote healthy foot development. Liliputi leather baby shoes are easy to put on, thanks to a flexible elastic ankle band around the opening of the shoe. Even with limited motor skills, my toddler can practice putting these shoes on herself.

Soft Leather Baby Shoes

Liliputi leather baby shoes aren’t really waterproof, so they are best used on dry surfaces. The leather upper is water resistant. I’ve taken care that my daughter doesn’t crawl in them too much to avoid scuffing the toes, which is bound to happen when crawling on pavement. My daughter wears holes through the knees of her pants and leggings all the time, so I’m very eager for her to begin walking to reduce the wear on her clothes and shoes. Liliputi’s kitty leather shoes are perfect for helping my toddler gain confidence walking, as they provide a stable platform for her feet without being too heavy or bulky.

Soft Leather Baby Shoes

The kitty design couldn’t be more perfect for my toddler. She’s a huge fan of cats and shoes for that matter. She often brings me these soft baby shoes to put on her feet. I ordered a size up to ensure these leather baby shoes will fit her feet for a long time to come. Even a little big, they still hug her feet and allow her to comfortably wear them around the house. I would recommend these shoes for kids who are just beginning to walk. They aren’t ideal for crawlers because the beautiful leather could get scuffed.

Liliputi baby shoes come in a variety of styles for boys and girls, including soft leather baby shoes, soft baby sandals, leather baby boots, and babywearing shoes and booties. Many of their shoe designs coordinate with the other babywearing gear designed by Liliputi. Overall we love these soft baby walking shoes and several other products designed by Liliputi!

Source of the article and the photos: Mommy Scene

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