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About Liliputi

Safety, quality and comfort for families

Establishing Liliputi has provided us with the opportunity to fulfill our dream and intention of helping parents within Australia to provide safety and comfort for their children and themselves. We are a family of three and our son Daniel accelerated our strive towards researching and discovering high quality products, which serve the demand of families seeking to create and maintain a pleasant and consistent environment beyond the surroundings and challenging conditions.


High quality from the heart of Europe

Each of our products are from our a small workshop, situated in one of the most beautiful national parks in Hungary, in the middle of Europe. Our carriers, shoes, bags and accessories are made on the basis of our own designs or with the involvement of talented Hungarian designers, by using high quality basic materials and - whenever possible - made by hand, striving to perfection in every aspect. This provides guarantee that all of the products that leave our factory meet the standards expected both by ourselves and our customers.

Our trusted products spread via our own customers’ recommendations…

Our customers recommend Liliputi products to their families and friends; our trusted reputation spreads from mouth to mouth. Therefore, we allocate our resources to the maintenance of the high quality standards and ongoing product development, instead of costly marketing campaigns, which also enables us to keep our prices competitive.

The proper way of carrying babies is what matters to us...

Being close to the parental body provides your growing child the feeling of safety. Ensuring that a natural sustained environment is of great importance and has a vital impact on your child’s physical and mental growing status. We believe that we contribute to the growing up of a healthier generation via selling our natural products, which support more human relations strengthening the strong values of love and the respect of life, which are the basis our team values and company principles.

Purchasing from us supports our wider goals...

Your support in expanding our family business will not only fulfill our goal of assisting non-working mothers within Australia, it will also stretch the reach of maintaining healthier and more natural family mediums, which are widely desired .

Thank you for your trust.

 Niki & Charlie

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